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 Breeding Policy

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PostSubject: Breeding Policy   Breeding Policy EmptySun Jul 05, 2015 3:13 pm

The Pet Palace does not support delibirate breeding of hamsters. The 'Pregnancy Care' board was started for Accidental Pregnancys. For example if male and female hamsters were housed together without being properly sexed or if a female was already pregnant when you brought her.
This board also includes topics about telling the gender of your hamster.
Most importantly, you have to be extreamly knowledgable of hamster genetics to accomplish the breeding of two hamsters. The genetics of petstore hamsters is uncertain so it is very dangerous if two breed. Death and illnesses can occur.
Also, a note to the breeders in this forum, if any members ask about how to breed their hamsters, please refer them to this thread.

Thank you for understanding

~ The TPP Admin and Moderating team.
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Breeding Policy
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