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 TPP Forum Etiquette

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PostSubject: TPP Forum Etiquette   TPP Forum Etiquette EmptySun Jul 05, 2015 2:54 pm

Forum Etiquette
Dear members,
To help new and veteran members alike, we have come up with simple etiquette reminders for posting and interacting around the boards. Please refer to these when you are unsure of the best way to post something, or if you have any questions about forum behavior. Please remember that although most of these are not official rules, the forum would run a lot more smoothly if everyone followed these simple suggestions  Very Happy  .

General Forum Etiquette
1. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Before you post, stop and read what you wrote. How would you react if someone else said that to you? If you would not like someone saying that to you, then you should not say it to them. Being honest is not an excuse for being rude. Saying "no offense" or "not to be rude, but..." is a sign that you may offend or come off as rude, and you should rephrase. If you worry your post may come off as offending or rude, take a break and return with a fresh perspective.

2. Be willing to learn and admit mistakes. There is no room for personal pride on a forum that is about learning animal care. No one knows everything there is to know, not even veteran members or Moderators! Consider new ideas for care, and take disagreements lightly- not personally. The forum is a gathering of many people with different experiences, so everyone should be open to learning.

3. Be patient and understanding to newbies. We were all newbies at one point and should do our best to make them feel accepted and welcome. Older members are encouraged to mentor and set examples for younger members, and veteran members can help show the ropes to newcomers.

4. Be patient with similar topics and questions. Sometimes it’s frustrating to see similar topics and questions come up on the boards. However, we have a constant flow of new members, and new issues for new and veteran members alike. It's not necessary to point out that a question/topic has been posted before – instead, either give an answer, or move on. Everyone deserves for their questions to be answered, and not everyone has read all of the past topics.

5. Leave Modding to the Moderators and Admins. If you see a rule issue that needs to be addressed, it is best to report it to a Mod via the Report button. Please do not address the issue yourself, as this is considered “member modding” and is discouraged. Once reported, the Moderators will decide if and how to handle the issue.

6. Language. Please use proper English to the best of your ability. This enables all to understand you and help you if you have a question. Please avoid using any words that could be offensive, or considered swear words. If you are unsure if something is considered a swear or offensive word, it’s best to find a different word or phrase. In addition, please avoid posting in all capitals, with excessive punctuation, or using internet short-hand or slang.

Topic Posting Etiquette
1. Help us help you. When posting a new topic/thread, consider the following suggestions:

  • Post your topic in the correct board (especially the care boards), so that topics are organized and less work is created for the Moderators. This also ensures members will be able to find your topic and help you out.
  • Titles should be short but descriptive of the question/issue/topic you are posting about. This way, members have an idea of what the thread is about, and can make a decision if it’s a topic they want to engage in. Using a title like "HELP!!!!" may get your thread some attention, but not necessarily from people who can answer your question.
  • Third, when posting, please put in as much descriptive information as possible... telling only half of the story causes a lot of misunderstanding and confusion. Try to predict what kind of clarification questions you might be asked, and include the answers to these questions in your original topic.

2. Consolidate your topics. We recommend members to consolidate similar questions/issues/topics into one thread, as opposed to creating a new thread every time. If you have follow-up questions or similar questions, post them in the original thread so the entirety of the conversation can stay in one thread, making your questions easy to answer, as well as keeping the boards organized.

3. Prepare for different opinions. When posting a topic, you are opening yourself up to possible critique from other members. Keep in mind that there are different opinions and ways to do things, and no one is an expert. Therefore, we encourage all members to keep an open mind, and avoid getting defensive.

4. Topic content should reflect forum values. Please avoid posting rants about other forums, members, websites, pet stores, organizations, etc. The forum should be a positive place where anyone can feel welcome, regardless of affiliation to companies, organizations, products, or websites. Members are encouraged to point out safety or quality issues with products, but members are not encouraged to "rant" simply for the sake of ranting.

Topic Replying Etiquette
1. Read the entire original post, and any replies before you reply. Familiarize yourself with the conversation before you join in, and understand the context by reading the entire original post and replies. This way, you can avoid redundancies or confusion.

2. Be polite. You may disagree with what the OP (original poster) has posted, so do your part to be polite when replying. Use a friendly tone when pointing out flaws, and be mindful of the words you use. Also, if someone has already replied with something you agree with, consider "liking" the post instead of replying with the same thing. That way the OP doesn't feel ganged up on, and they don't have to read the same response repeatedly.

3. Let it go. You may reply to a topic, and the OP refuses to take your advice or even listen to sound reasoning. Or, you may be attacked by another member in the thread. This is not the time to insult, name call, or carry on the argument further. This is the time, instead, to let it go. Take a deep breath and click out of the topic. Find another topic to engage in, or log off. Do not fuel an argument to the point where insults are being thrown. If they won't listen to you the first time, being aggressive or repetitive will not change their mind. Instead of responding to attacks, press “Report” and let the Moderators take care of it.

4. Contribute to the discussion. Make sure your post is valid to the discussion. Going off-topic, or simply repeating others' statements make it harder for others to follow the discussion. Also, if you make a statement or a "diagnosis" make sure to explain why you came to that conclusion.

5. Give the benefit of the doubt. You might see a post that seems a little curt or rude. Since we can’t talk face-to-face, sometimes the text we write will take on an unintentionally rude tone. When in doubt, always assume that the other person is “speaking” with a positive attitude. (Hint: emoticons help make your posts more friendly Smile )

6. Finally, Enjoy the Forum! The forum will always have some sort of games in the Silly Thread. Feel free to post pictures of your pets in the Gallery and post your stories in the Pet Tales!
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TPP Forum Etiquette
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