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 Is a dog right for you?

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Is a dog right for you? Empty
PostSubject: Is a dog right for you?   Is a dog right for you? EmptySat May 23, 2015 12:16 am

This was written on 2013-04-30;

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on a furry friend ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have the space for a dog? 

Remember, dogs need space to play and run, and with open spaces there is less chance of 'puppy' accidents. 

Do I have the time for a dog? 

Remember, dogs need lots of attention and time, especially a young puppy. You need time to feed, groom and play with your dog. When you are gone, your dog feels lonely and needs a way to get your attention, dogs will damage furniture, spill stuff etc. 

Do I have young kids in the house?

I would not advise getting a large dog with a young child(ren) in the house for many reasons, if you have never had a dog with that specific child, they could have a potential allergy to the pet. Dogs can also hurt young children in ways that were not meant to harm. If you wish to get a dog for the baby, Many experts suggest waiting till the baby is older OR get a hypoallergenic dog that is small such as a 'Havanese' or 'Shih  Tzu'.

Will I respect the dog as a fellow family member? 

Dogs are living too, they feel emotions, pain and etc. Make sure you are the kind of person who will not USE your pet but instead LOVE it.

Do I have other pets in the house?

Some breeds of dogs will fight (or kill) other pets in the house. So, if you have a hamster or bird, be sure to put them high away from the dog or in a room with a closed door. Some dogs DO NOT like cats or other dogs, to prevent this, ask a fellow dog-owner or local pet store what breeds will act best with other pets in the house. 

Do I have the money for a dog?

Dogs take a lot of commitment, and money! Remember, with the extended cost of necessary things like shots, toys, food, apparel etc. dogs are very expensive  So before, you even consider buying a dog be sure to do some research on prices and see how much the whole TOTAL costs.

This was written when I was 11, some information may not be accurate. 
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Is a dog right for you?
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