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 Meet Elliot

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PostSubject: Meet Elliot   Meet Elliot EmptyTue May 05, 2015 6:49 pm

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So, me and Ma' went to Pets at Home to get, and I quote, just bedding.

So I went to get the new bedding that is in stock and instinktively headed straight for the Hamsters. I asked the worker if I could handle some, not intending to get any, and she let me. I held the Syrians, the Robos, the Chinese and the RCD's. But only one caught my heart.
Meet Elliot 68547cwg98wmzcn

He is a mysteryous lil' guy. He now lives in Truffle's side of the detolf and is a pretty jumpy dude. I was really not expecting to get him so suddenly after Truffle's Passing. I will post a memorial for her by the way.

Eliot has a very Hyped Up personality and has been running on his wheel since I put him in his cage. I haven't touched or tried to tame him yet but my Ma' and Pa' have been asking 'Oh, when can I hold him? When can I pet him?' ITS DRIVING ME INSANE! xD
Meet Elliot 68547cwg98wmzcn

I know I always prefere to Adopt and not Shop but Eliot was the runt of the litter, he was so tiny. All the other hams were sleeping in the corner while he was all alone. The other's didn't let him eat, or drink, as the waterbottle and food bowl were on there side. As soon as I got him home he litirarily drank for 3 minuits straight. He has slightly long nails and I havent been able to check his teeth.

So there you go. Thats Eliot for ya. The worker had to pack him in 4 boxes as he was a huge chewer.

Roborovski Hamster Hearts Roborovski

Some cute pictures of Eliot. Well, Only one. He has black eyes instead of how the camera shows it as red.
Meet Elliot Eliot%20Picture%20One_zpsubzhldku

Meet Elliot Sample%20image_zpsyvwwus6z
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Meet Elliot
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