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 Introducing the Robobots!

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Introducing the Robobots! Empty
PostSubject: Introducing the Robobots!   Introducing the Robobots! EmptyMon May 04, 2015 2:36 am

And Now Introducing the Robobots!

Knut & Ginny

I just got back from PetSmart. We were going to browse the different species of hams, but I first tried the robos, and there was no question. I held a small, chubby, calm one and she was so cooperative! No question about it, this was the one for me. She was so sweet, sweeter than Nikki even, and I named her Knut for the Harry Potter coin.

*editing in photo soon*

Meanwhile, my sister is desperately wanting to get two. I had finally told her, "You'll need to pay for yours." She asked Mom, and to my surprise, Mom said yes! Just as I've decided I want the little bum-chum, my sister asks for a hammy to hold. She picks out a small, skittish, adorable Robo and puts her in the cage. We can't decide what to name my sister's, but we quickly notice a difference between the two. Knut was much round and had lighter fur coloring. No-name was more slim, with darker coloring and a single black whisker. In the car, we notice my hammy trying to burrow, but my sister's being bossy and claiming the burrow on her own. Ginny from Harry Potter is also bossy, and we decided on the name Ginny.

*Editing in photo soon*

Well, they're much to quick to take pictures, but we'll edit them in soon! Very Happy

My sister cleverly noticed that Robo sounded like Robot, so now we call the two the Robobots! They are very cute, as you will notice when we edit in the pics.

So, surprise! We got two fuzzbutts!!!

Introducing the Robobots! Fotor0901173922_zpslxp6tmmi
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Introducing the Robobots!
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