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 ~Elemental Masters~ {RP}

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~Elemental Masters~ {RP} Empty
PostSubject: ~Elemental Masters~ {RP}   ~Elemental Masters~ {RP} EmptyFri May 01, 2015 12:01 am

Do you not notice?
Something is rising.
Do you not tell?
Something is happening.
Do you not know?
The Elemental Crystals have been found once again.

You are an Elemental Master, an elf who has found an Elemental Crystal and has now mastered one of the elements. They are:

Earth: You can control the dirt and plants and can't suffocate
Air: You can control air and can fly
Water: You control the water and can't drown
Fire: You can control fire and can't die by fire or heat
Dark: You can control shadows, and you are stronger at night (Max 5 people)
Light: You can control light, and you are stronger 6at day (Max 5 people)

1. All TPP Forum rules apply
2. Max 5 characters
3. Some romance is allowed, but this is NOT a love story!
4. The reason Light and Dark have limited spots is because it is an OP element.
-Max 1 character of either Light or Dark
5. Have fun!
6. if you have read & agree to these rules, put "Elements" in the Code section of the form

Sign-Up Form~

Age (10-16):
Looks (Picture preferred!):

My Sign-Up(s)~

Name: Ailey
Gender: Female
Age (10-16): 10
Element: Light
Looks (Picture preferred!):
~Elemental Masters~ {RP} MyStyle15_zpspifgf7zj
Personality: Easily angered, but fun and kind when not. Can be serious when needed.
Bio/Other: Is am outlaw, but then found her crystal, so...
Code: Elements

Name: David
Gender: Boy
Age (10-16): 10
Element: Air
Looks (Picture preferred!):
~Elemental Masters~ {RP} MyStyle16_zpslagmdm4x(Only with pointy ears.)
Personality: Kind, shy, nerd, bookworm
Bio/Other: Orphan
Code: Elements

Light Count: 1

Dark Count: 0

~Elemental Masters~ {RP} Fotor0901173922_zpslxp6tmmi
Previously known as HamsterDragonPlace

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~Elemental Masters~ {RP}
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