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 Which Cage Should I get?

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PostSubject: Which Cage Should I get?   Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:33 am

o, I will be getting a new cage for Rhia in about 1 month, but I'm not sure which one..... So, originally I was going to get a Zoozone 2, but I discovered it was too expensive because of shipping. Then I planned on the 40gal tank, but this is going to happen in a month and I'm not sure if the $1 per gallon sale will still be up. Next was a bin cage, but me and my family are just not good with crafting.... And the other idea is a guinea pig wire cage, in which the only thing I'll need to "craft" is to put mesh on it.
Ok, so those are all the cons, and pros of each cage:

  1. 40gal tank:

  • I will be able to connect it to my 20gal

  • I know for sure that Rhia's wheel, and toys will fit

  • Allows very deep bedding

  • Rhia can't chew a hole trough it


  • If the gallon per $1 sale is over when I buy it, it will be quite expensive..

  • Rhia tends to chew on the silicon

  • I'll need to do some DIY to make a cage topper, or buy one, which adds even more money...

2. Wire Cage (It's a guinea pig cage, that is about 500sq inches):

  • The one I plan on getting, is at a pretty good price

  • I can finally get that cute platform!!!!

  • Water Bottles.... 

  • The one I'm getting, will allow 6in of bedding

  • Rhia's wheel will fit

  • Not much DIY


  • I'm not sure I can connect it with my 20gal

  • Even tough I am meshing it, I still worry about my cat getting my hamster....

  • I've never heard of it, but maybe my hamster could chew a whole trough the plastic?

3. Terrarium (it's as big as a 40gal aquarium):

  • I can connect it to my 20gal
  • Not much DIY
  • Escape Proof
  • Rhia's toys and wheel will fit


  • Pretty expensive

Ok, so now here are my questions:
1. Which cage should I get?
2. Are there any other cons or pros for any of the cages?


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PostSubject: Re: Which Cage Should I get?   Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:11 pm

Could I have the link to the wire cage? Because if it has 2 doors, which allot of them have, then I have an idea on how you attach tubes to them. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Which Cage Should I get?   Fri Apr 17, 2015 4:35 pm

Terrariums and aquariums would have to be my favourite option. Their look is very modern, and they hold as much bedding as you want. You can always look on kijiji or craigslist to find cheaper second hand tanks, too.
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PostSubject: Re: Which Cage Should I get?   

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Which Cage Should I get?
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